Saturday, 10 March 2012


Surfing The Net

· Web is known as a worldwide resource of information.
  User may wish to browse through the Web, the way you would browse through a library or a catalogue, looking for topics or things that interest to user. This browsing is often called surfing the Net.
·   There is a reason why search engines exist. It exists because it helps users to find relevant information they require. 
·         Search engines work by matching words entered by the user into the computer then the same words can be found in various information sites on the Net.

What is Web Browsers?

·         It is software programs used to access the World Wide Web.
      A browser retrieves data from remote web browsers and displays a web page.
·         Examples of Web Browser :

1)      Internet Explorer
2)      Google Chrome
3)      Mozilla Firefox
4)      Opera

ISP (Internet Service Provider)
·         It is a company that offers internet access to their customers.
·         The ISP connects to its customers using a data transmission technology appropriate for delivering Internet Protocol datagrams, such as dial-up, DSL, cable modem, wireless or dedicated high-speed interconnects.
·         ISPs may provide Internet e-mail accounts to users which allow them to communicate with one another by sending and receiving electronic messages through their ISP's servers.
·         Examples: TM Net, Jaring, Celcom

How the Web works
·         Web pages stored on web servers. It is located around the globe.
·         By entering the URL( Uniform Resource Locator) of a web page in your web browser or clicking a link sends a request to the server which hosts the page.
·         Then the server will automatically sends the web page to your computer and your web browsers displays it on your screen.

Search engines

·        A search engine is helpful in locating information for which you do not know an exact web address or are not seeking a particular Web site.
·        Search engines require that you enter a word or phrase, called search text or search query that describes the item you want to find.
·        Each word in the search text is known as keyword.
·        A program that finds Web sites, web pages, images, videos, news maps, and other information related to a specific topic

Example of search engine
YAHOO, Google, AltaVista

Searching techniques

1.     Use keyword rather than sentences.
For examples you search for ‘Lionel Messi Barcelona’ instead of ‘Lionel Messi who plays for Barcelona’.

2.     Use double quote (“…”) to search for exact words.
For example: “resurgent and revolution”

3.     Use ‘+’sign
For example: tennis+federer+nadal

4.     Boolean Search
For example: Cristiano Ronaldo AND NOT Ronaldo de Souza

5.     Use alternatives
·        Try ‘advantage’ as well as ‘benefit’.
·        Disadvantage’ as well as ‘drawback’.
·        ‘Overview’ as well as ‘introduction’.
·        ‘Steps’ as well as ‘guideline’.

6.     Maximize the usage of toolbar
§  You click at the image if you want to search for image only.


Ahmad is a student from Florida University. He have problems with the searching in
the Net.
He always failed to search for information he need. What should he do in order to solve 
his problems?

As for me, if Ahmad's situation happen to me, I would rather refer to searching 
Maybe Ahmad is not being too specific but he prefer to search for large scope. And this
is the reason why he always failed to get information he is looking for. He should use 
keyword for the information he want.