Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Reinventing the Universities

  • Traditional behavioral models of education are straightforward to more learned-centre, collaborative experiences.
  • In order to allow learners to shift the time, place and pace of learning, Learner-centre approaches accommodate learner needs and acknowledge that learners may have other calls on their time, leading to more flexible delivery and support strategies.
  • This process can be helped through network technologies such as Internet, e-mail, computer based and also video conferencing.

Coping Strategies

  • v  The span of control of the organization can be increased so that the complexity in the environment can be reduced.

Example of virtual universities:-

  1. Colorado University
  2. Michigan University
  3. Kansas City University


An Electronic Campus

§  De Monfort University has decided to create an Electronic Campus.

1.      Flexibility of access to learning on campus can be enhanced.
2.      A position that should be developed so that it can lead to collaborative ventures with other organizations.
3.      Put in place appropriate learning support systems that encourage and facilitate peer group interaction and staff-student exchanges, independent of time and specific university location.
4.      A rapid return on investment of resources can be achieved.
5.      Re-engineer existing resources to achieve the above.

Example of Electronic Campus

Coping Strategies

The Electronic Campus is employing a combination of three possible implementation strategies:

1.      In-house development.
2.      Embedding of materials developed elsewhere.
3.      Jointly developed new materials through collaboration with other organizations.


Nowadays a lot of electronic campus has been introduced to people around the world. Do you think that one day our nation will own one of those electronic campus?

In my own opinion, it is not impossible for our country to start with the electronic campus. But for sure the first thing that should be in consideration is the costs itself. I am strongly agree with the opinion that it takes a lot of money to build electronic campus. With a pretty good budget, nothing is impossible. Besides, our country is a fast growing country with an outstanding development.